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Install WordPress via cPanel and Auto Installers

simple method to install WordPress is using your hosting control panel.

Step 1: Log in to Your cPanel

To begin, log into your hosting control panel, also referred to as the cPanel.

cPanel WordPress install

Other control panel types are CentOS, Plesk, Froxlor and so on.

Step 2: Click On the WordPress Auto Installer

In your cPanel, you’ll notice the Autoinstaller. Based on your hosting service provider, you’ll find different auto-installers, such as Softaculous, Fantastico, QuickInstall, and so on.

Go ahead, click on the WordPress logo under the auto-installer.

Install WordPress through softaculous

You’ll now be on the WordPress installation page. Click on the Install Now link.

Step 3: Connect Your Domain Name

Begin by selecting the latest version of WordPress from the options available in the dropdown.

WordPress install setting 1

Then, go ahead and select the domain. If you’ve signed up for a hosting account with a domain name, you’ll find the name in the drop-down list.

You could go on to entering the site name and description. You could also choose to leave this for the time being and have it entered later from your WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Create Login Credentials

The next step is to create the admin account.

WordPress install setting 2

The admin username and password you create will be used to sign in to your WordPress dashboard. So, make sure you’ve saved it carefully.

Click on Install once you’ve completed all the above steps.

Step 5: Launch Your WordPress Site

Your WordPress has now been successfully installed.

WordPress installation complete using cPanel

The system will display your site and administrative URLs. You can now log into your wp-admin using the credentials you’ve just created.

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