What are They and How do They Operate


As large networks of compromised computers, botnets have been around for years. The idea of creating a whole network of infected machines that can be used to carry out large-scale cyber attacks and spread malware has undoubtedly changed the internet as we know it today.

Botnets are the driving force behind the vast majority of cyber attacks targeting not only WordPress websites and servers but whole networks and computer systems. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the modern world of cyber security revolves around networks of bots as the heart of the whole economy that rules the dark web.

The ecosystem has evolved so much that the existence of botnets has created a new trend in the cyber security industry, known as an attack as a service or botnet as a service. Botnet creators would rent out the computing power and resources of the compromised machines under their control to third parties to launch cyber attacks of different kinds.

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