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WooCommerce API Manager

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  • Product Version : 2.5.6
  • Product Last Updated : 13.03.2023
  • License : GPL
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3,99 $

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WooCommerce API Manager

Sell API Keys because Software then Automated Updates because of Plugins then Themes

The WooCommerce API Manager secures you software program together with API Key activations/deactivations, or offers automated updates about plugins or topics in conformity with make bigger consumer satisfaction and convenience. Easy updates is a robust advertising and marketing tool up to expectation only a stroke over companies hold been capable after offer, till now. Best concerning all, the WooCommerce API Manager is packed together with functions to that amount cast off aid requests, amplify purchaser satisfaction, then extend shop manager productivity, hence thou can focal point regarding selling greater products.

Key Features

  • Automatically generated API License Key emailed in conformity with the patron after a production purchase.
  • Amazon S3 is thoroughly built-in in accordance with worship software files including impenetrable hyperlinks up to expectation expire.
  • Secure computerized software updates thru the WordPress dashboard.
  • Offer software updates because of a fee then because of free, infinite updates, updates based regarding a subscription, then updates based totally over a targeted quantity over software program activations.
  • Sell software program individually, so changeable merchandise including sliding association pricing, as bundles, chained, grouped, composite, and anybody combination up to expectation drives sales.
  • The alternative after sell an API License Key with a couple of activations that be able fluctuate care of unstable product.
  • Quick then handy manufacture setup including a international settings alternative to that amount mechanically configures variable/child products.
  • The customer’s My Account dashboard has entire the information the client wishes in conformity with boss their software activations, yet the government after delete activations for an API License Key, as helps get rid of consumer assist because of it tasks.
  • The keep supervisor or client be able both see the range regarding activations per API License Key, activations remaining, and every sordid relevant data in accordance with manage purchases, even because of collection products.
  • Customer perform e mail themselves a misplaced API License Key anytime the usage of an automatically created form of the go stop on the blog.
  • The save supervisor can send the purchaser theirs complete kilter at somebody time, as intention contain the merchandise then theirs API License Keys.
  • The Order screen allows the store supervisor to add/delete API License Keys, view/delete software program activations, disable API Access, then alternate the variety regarding activations through API License Key.
  • The API sends custom confusion messages then customers understand agreement so is a hassle then activating/deactivating, then doing an update query.
  • The WooCommerce Subscriptions extension is utterly supported according to sell moon based totally API License Key activations.
  • Customers execute upgrade yet downgrade theirs activations, agreement the product was purchased as like a subscription, via switching their moon within the My Account Dashboard.
  • Software versions are updated regarding the activation portion concerning the Order honor upstairs activation, and every time the client software program does an replace query.
  • The down load URL is purchaser order, product, then API License Key specific. The down load URL hides the real region concerning the software file regarding thine server in accordance with fulfill it entirely secure. The WooCommerce API Manager also assessments authentication credentials because each patron automatically in conformity with ensure authorized clients perform only down load the software he purchased. To make it less difficult in imitation of add software updates, the WordPress media library is used.
  • If ye already uses the Software Add-On extension, no problem, you customers be able get entry to the WooCommerce API Manager until they switch over in accordance with theirs new WooCommerce API Manager api consent key/s.
  • The WooCommerce API Manager comes together with an example plugin, an example theme, then pre-built PHP training according to pace development.
  • The WooCommerce API Manager offers even dense purposes according to list here.

Easy Configuration

The WooCommerce API Manager makes it convenient in imitation of customise every particular production by using using the API settings form. Information as seems over the plugin update records screen, such as the changelog, utilizes a page, consequently such is dead easy after create, update, add images, video, and something ye be able slave together with the page editor of WordPress. Simple and changeable products, even collection products, can stay configured in imitation of bear their personal special API information, down load file, and update information dignity settings. For changeable merchandise as uses the same settings, even is a world checkbox up to expectation approves a unaccompanied form after remain filled-in yet utilized in imitation of whole volatile merchandise according to shop time, yet eliminate feasible duplication errors.

WooCommerce API Manager Settings Form

On the Order screen, single API License Keys can stand configured as much needed, added, yet deleted. All applicable data is reachable at a glance now the API boxes are closed to redact such quick or easy to find as you’re searching for.

API License Key Products

On the Order screen, API License Key activations are also geared up to grant every applicable statistics in conformity with rapidly find such as you’re looking for. As an brought benefit, client software program variations are up to date each time the purchaser software performs an replace query, then is activated, hence you be aware of who software version purchasers are using.

API License Key Activations

The customer’s My Account dashboard makes such convenient in imitation of advise the repute over API Keys, yet after find as they are looking for. Sometimes a consumer would possibly necessity to eject an API Key activation, but operate not bear get right of entry to to theirs client’s blog, because example. No problem, there’s a extrude button he may usage after extrude the activation besides having to put up a support ticket.

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WooCommerce API Manager
WooCommerce API Manager

3,99 $

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