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WordPress Vulnerability Report – February 15, 2023


There are no vulnerabilities to report in WordPress core this week. The ColorWay theme had a vulnerability emerge that has not been patched. 77 plugin vulnerabilities have new patches. Wicked Folders accounts for 18 of these. WordPress Shortcodes Ultimate and GamiPress each patched 3 vulnerabilities. Quick Contact Form, RSVP Maker, and Arigato Autoresponder each patched 2 vulnerabilities. Only 3 plugins with new vulnerabilities have not been patched as of this writing.adidas yeezy foam runner mens stores make a custom jersey nike air jordan black wigs for women sex toy silicone adidas ultra boost customized jerseys nfl fantasy football custom nfl jerseys cheap jerseys adidas yeezy for men nfl team shop nfl jersey for sale nike air jordan 11 legend blue best mens sex toys

Vulnerable plugins and themes are the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked. Our weekly WordPress Vulnerability Report, now powered by Patchstack, covers new WordPress plugins, themes, and core vulnerabilities that have emerged since our last report. Our goal is to help you decide what to do if you are using one of these vulnerable plugins or themes on your website. For a deeper, historical analysis of WordPress vulnerabilities and threat vectors, see our 2022 Annual Vulnerability Report.

Am I Vulnerable?

If you are an iThemes Security or Security Pro user, the Site Scan feature will notify you of any vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, and themes you have installed. You can also review the following list of new vulnerabilities and check them against your installed plugins and themes.

Responsible disclosure and reporting of vulnerabilities is an integral part of keeping the WordPress community safe. Please share this post with your friends to help get the word out and make WordPress safer for everyone!

How Bad Is It?

Each vulnerability will have a severity rating of low, medium, high, or critical. Severity levels do not indicate whether a vulnerability is being actively exploited or not. A severity rating indicates how easy it would be for an attacker to exploit the vulnerability and how damaging the impact of an effective exploit could be.

We will highlight active exploits as we become aware of them.

Vulnerabilities are assessed by many different authorities, who each interpret risk with their own perspective and priorities. We are providing you with Patchstack’s risk assessment for WordPress site owners like you.

Is There An Update?

The most important information about a vulnerability is whether it has been patched or not.

If a patch or security release exists to secure the vulnerability, you will see a note about this in a green footer closing the individual vulnerability report. You should immediately update the vulnerable software to the highest version available.

Please be aware that even a deactivated plugin or theme may be exploited by attackers as long as it remains installed in WordPress. You should either update or delete vulnerable plugins and themes as soon as possible when a vulnerability emerges in them.

What Should I Do?

If no update is available for a vulnerable plugin or theme that you are actively using, you will see a red footer closing the individual vulnerability report with a warning that no update has been provided yet. We will also highlight vulnerable plugins and themes that have no known fix.

Popular, widely used plugins and themes that remain vulnerable form a uniquely large and attractive attack surface so we will call special attention to them.

You should weigh the costs and benefits of removing vulnerable plugins and themes with no known fix. If they have been dropped from the repositories, we will note their status is “closed.” We recommend adopting a different, secure solution as soon as possible for plugins designated “closed” or that have “no known fix” forthcoming.

It is urgent to remove unpatched themes and plugins with vulnerabilities of any severity if they are being actively exploited and there’s no security update available.

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